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is creating Immersive sound and art environments and events

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About S.P.A.Z. Collective

The Semi-Permanent Autonomous Zone (aka the S.P.A.Z. collective) has been organizing radical and expansive non-commercial artist driven events, community spaces, art happenings, free festivals, political actions and more for 23 years. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, we've also traveled extensively around the United States, Mexico, Europe, and Asia creating unique situations for people to come together and experience art, music and community in a liberated social environment and build networks focused on cooperation and positive creative growth from a D.I.Y. ethos. We are equipped to transform any space into a vibrant, stimulating, living, breathing social sculpture. Our crew is made up of many multi-talented creative individuals, with skill sets ranging from sound design and textile arts, bus mechanics and alternative energy, radio producing and circus arts. A tight and focused group and at the same time a loose international network, the Semi-Permanent Autonomous Zone is a unique experiment in alternative culture and dynamic community engagement. If you are there you are part of it, and now you can help sustain it via this website. Our operating model has been forced to change along with the increasing pressure and inhospitality of the city and the political climate towards underground art spaces. We have a very small minimum overhead, and being 100 percent volunteer operated, any chance to share and distribute these costs allows us to continue in the same spirit, as an open participatory adventure and a labor of love. Thanks for anything you can give; it goes incredibly far!
$332.55 of $1,000 per month
If we got to this amount we would adequately cover our bottom line for monthly expenses. It covers the rent on our storage container and bus parking as well as the insurance and registration on the bus and bread truck. It would also provide for maintenance and replacement of equipment and infrastructure, and allow us to invest in the development of more events, spaces and experiments. If 100 people gave 10 bux a month we could do so much more! (Not to mention have some support if the cops take our stuff next time we are getting down in the street!) If we had this you will see a monthly SPAZ party for sure!
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