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About Studio Porte Bleue

A while ago I realized that what I loved about going to see live performances and art in general was the conversation afterwards at the bar or in class. But I realized that not everyone gets the opportunity to engage with art in the same way and that venues don't set themselves up to encourage conversations. They might have talk backs after a show with artists, but they are always so stiff and still encourage the artist to speak about their work rather than the spectators to engage. And talking to people I realized there's also a hunger to have a voice in the creation process of performances. So I created Studio Porte Bleue.

We're a multidisciplinary performance studio that is working to have closer bonds with our patrons. But to do that we need help. We create brand new performances from the ground up - from the research-to-the-writing-to-the-staging-to-the-performing. Each step of the way we're trying to find innovative ways to have our supporters be a part of the process. But all of this takes money (something performance companies have trouble making). 

So we figured why not enlist those who believe in what we're trying to do to fully become a part of a community. The more money you support the more we can invest in innovative ways to bring you into the process. We are already going to start creating weekly podcasts, setting up a reading group of the materials we're researching for future performances, and inviting supporters to early readings of works in progress so we can hear your thoughts. But we want to start creating short traveling pieces to perform in supporters' homes, setting up dinners for our supporters with contributing artists, and to hire a videographer on retainer to start creating short videos of the creation process and full length videos of shows. Beyond that, we'd really like to have a awesome, functional and beautiful performance space that we and our community can be proud of. So we need you to be a part of our community!

Let's change the way we fund theatre together and collaborate in creating a company we all can be proud to be a part of!
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Once we reach $1000 we'll get an all new shiny website up and running for you all to be able to get our podcasts, videos, event info, blogs, discussion forums and whatever else you think should be included!
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