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About Speaker Fanatic

Hi, it's Norbert!

Welcome to the Speaker Fanatics community!

In the summer of 2017, I decided to start a tech review site which is specialized to audio products 
mainly to headphones and Bluetooth speakers.
I wanted to make high quality, genuine reviews based on my hands-on experience, so I ordered a bunch of Bluetooth speakers, started to test them and my first review was published in September 2017. This was how the speakerfanatic.com was born.
In the meantime, I realized that there is no good review without video content, so I obtained some basic lights, tripods and started to learn video production and editing.
My first video was released in October of 2017 on my channel: youtube.com/speakerfanatic.
Even from the beginning, I strived to create high-quality videos and I tried to make my channel better day by day.
While my channel and website is growing, still I have very limited resources.
I use the camera of my phone to create videos and I cannot afford to buy speakers from higher price range.
Your help gives me the ability to create better videos and review such speakers I could not afford without it.
I will spend this money to buy new speakers and make genuine reviews about them.
At some point, I would like to finally invest into a real camera to step up my video production quality.
Sincerely, THANK YOU for your support.
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This is enough money for me to buy and review one product per month. It would be a big help.
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