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About Speak Out with Tim Wise

Hey everyone, Tim Wise here, an antiracism educator old enough to remember when the alt-right went by their much more honest name: white supremacists. From combatting David Duke in the 1990s to community organizing in public housing to speaking around the country about institutional racism, I've been engaged in the movement for social justice for more than 25 years. And now I'm branching into the world of podcasting with Speak Out With Tim Wise, a project of Speak Out, the nation's premier non-profit speakers and artists' agency.

Each week I'll be bringing you engaging dialogues with some of the nation's leading activists, scholars and artists, and the great news is, you can become a part of this exciting new project! Thanks to Patreon, you can support this effort directly, and help promote not only my voice, but also the voices of movement leaders to whom I'll be speaking. What's more, as a patron and sustainer of the program, you'll get access to special content not available on the regular weekly podcast, like:

  • My own short commentaries on the week's events;
  • Recordings of my lectures and interviews from the road with activists I meet in my travels;
  • Signed copies of my books and videos;

And here's an added incentive to become a patron: Because contributions are paid to Speak Out, rather than me personally, every sustainer's contribution is tax-deductible. So if you're someone who believes we need real discussions about how to build multiracial democracy, become a patron today, and let's get talking!
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When we reach 5000 patrons we'll be able to more fully staff the effort, so as to allow for the highest quality production and overall impact (research, development, sound editing, merchandising, etc).
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