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About Special K

You found my Patreon page, and now you're asking yourself why would I support this artist compared to hundreds of others trying to do similar things? What sets him apart? What will I be getting out of this? And how do I know my money isn't going to waste? Before you read on you may want to check out my SoundCloud at https://soundcloud.com/specialkx

Ok  you got a taste of the music I have out, now, let me try to answer your questions....

  1. I can't speak for other artists on their goals or tell you all of the differences between myself and others, but I can say from a respective stand point that as a creator trying to reach the masses I want to provide nothing but the best for those who believe in me no matter what it takes.
  2. I can also tell you that the music I am making is of varying genres. I'm not trying to fit into a niche I am trying to make my own category not bound to the ordinary rules of creativity...there are none! Currently I am working primarily with Hip-Hop/Rap and R&B music and I am very eager to start trying new genres like Alternative Rock, Electronic, Jazz all the way to House. As you can tell I have my eyes set on wide horizons and have no ceiling when it comes to the opportunities of a career in music. 
  3. My dream is to be able to create a song from start to finish independently, from the bare bones stages of production including; recording live instruments and beat making, to home-studio recording, mastering, all the way through to self distribution, promotion and even live events!
  4. I see music as more than just a career path, it is also a perfect opportunity to open other doors. I will not lie about the fact that the Music/Movie industries make large amounts of money, it's a well known fact. I have plans to use that money as it comes to give back and help communities that do the same for young people, those in need and aspiring artists like myself. 

How do you know your money is not going to waste?

It's simple, I have been through a lot. I have felt what it's like to have nothing, with everything offered in front of me and not having the strength or the will to help myself. That is exactly what I talk about in some of my music.I can say confidently that music is my avenue to not just express but to deal with any problem that I'm faced with. That lack of strength to help myself has turned into a fire of motivation to continue to better myself. Currently with around 800 followers and growing I am driven to continue to help and inspire others to keep their heads above water. That growing spark is one I will never let die, instead I will continue to feed it until it burns bright enough for the world to see.

That leaves one thing, what will you be getting out of this? Besides allowing me to upgrade my music production routine and enabling me to live my dream life, your support is a constant reminder to keep going. I would like your suggestions on any rewards that you guys would like to have now and in the future, I want you to be a part of growing this page! With your suggestions included there will be many rewards and perks for three different levels of support that you will find on the next page. 

Patreon prevents access to Patron only content unless you donate, however I personally am always open to opinions, ideas, collaborations and any other form of feedback you can offer. My personal email is [email protected] feel free to message me any time! Thanks for reading and I hope to see you on board this plane!

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