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The Forget-Me-Not Tier is for those who wish to donate to our cause, rather than subscribe to monthly boxes.

Forget-Me-Nots receive the following:

♥ Endless gratitude! Every penny counts with projects like this. Donations allow us to expand the items in our boxes, without raising the current price.

♥ Occasional gifts such as stickers and pins mailed to you via snailmail. 

♥ Access to posts only available for Forget-Me-Nots! No other tiers are able to access these posts, as they are only for donors. You'll get special glimpses into what goes on behind-the-scenes. Occasionally, you will even be able to vote and decide what items will be in the boxes!

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Roses receive 5 monthly items, which arrive in a beautifully packaged box.

The Rose box will always include: 

♥ Two handwritten letters about a stranger's journey through mental health

♥ One hardcover or paperback literature

♥ A playlist of 5 songs

♥ At least one recipe or packaged snack

♥ A film or show recommendation

Occasionally, other items will be included. This depends on availability and relevance. 

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per creation
Peonies receive 7-10 monthly items, which arrive in a beautifully packaged box.

The Peony box will always include: 

♥ Two handwritten letters about a stranger's journey through mental health

♥ One hardcover or paperback literature

♥ A playlist of 5 songs

♥ At least one recipe or packaged snack

♥ A film or show recommendation

Peonies will also receive a collection of items related to each month's journey. Below are some examples of what can be received: 

(the following are not guaranteed in every box, and are just examples of what can be included) 

♥ Art prints

♥ Plants

♥ Craft supplies

♥ Pins

♥ Candles

Items will change every month, as every letter will share a new journey.




Dear Friend,

The Specifically Sound box was created to reach out to people all over the world who feel alone in their struggles with mental health. When struggling with depression, anxiety, etc, we tend to feel like our emotions are unique. It's easy to feel like we're the only one experiencing something in that moment. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. 300 million people in the world have depression; 40 million people in the United States have anxiety... How many of them feel alone? 

In each box are two letters and a handful of items. The letters are both written by a stranger discussing their struggles with mental health, and their tricks to finding a way to smile. The items you'll find in the box are chosen to enhance your experience of the stranger's journey.

This box is an amalgam of the journeys people have experienced with mental health, and the solutions and steps they've taken to love who they are and what they have. There is a central theme of "self" in Specifically Sound boxes: self-love and self-awareness. It's a way for us to understand what we're going through by observing someone else and applying what we learn to ourselves. By stepping into a stranger's life, maybe we can understand ourselves a little bit better. 


No matter when you join, everyone starts on the same box. This means, not everyone is receiving the same box at the same time, however, everyone will eventually experience the same boxes. We start with "Ari's Journey" and continue down a list.

  • The first box will ship around December. 
  • It is available to any USA, Canada, or U.K. address. 

  • You will be charged one month before your box ships. For example, you will be charged November 1st for your December box. This allows us to prepare your items ahead of time to avoid any shipping issues. 
  • Payments will be posted two weeks before the box is shipped; however, you will not be charged until after the first of the month. Boxes will have tracking numbers, which will be provided to you. 
  • Boxes will ship in the first full week of the month, beginning on a Sunday. Example: between Monday the 3rd and Friday the 7th, instead of Saturday the 1st. 
  • Due to the nature of this subscription, we cannot offer refunds. However, if an item in your box is delivered damaged or broken, please contact us. We will try our best to replace the item for you. We cannot guarantee that a new item will be available, as all items are limited in number.

Specifically Sound is a mental health awareness group organized by people with a dedication to mental health and positivity. Specifically Sound is not a substitute for professional assistance and does not constitute medical advice. Please enjoy the box as a casual activity, hobby, or piece of literature. The items included in the box are not official treatment.

At times, the letters describe situations of self-harm, self-medication, and other unconventional forms of coping; the creators do not condone the actions of our letter-writers and ask that subscribers consult with their physician before making any changes to their lifestyle. Mental health conditions are complex and treatments should be managed by a licensed physician. 

Specifically Sound is a community of like-minded individuals. You are not alone; we are all under the same sky. 

Are you or someone you know experiencing any of the following? 
  • thoughts or plans of injuring yourself or others;
  • feelings of worthlessness or inadequacy;
  • loss of interest in normally enjoyable activities;
  • work or school being negatively impacted by emotions;
  • abusing substances, such as recreational or prescription drugs or alcohol;
  • hearing sounds or seeing things that are not there; or
  • changes in eating or sleeping habits.

Call 1-800-273-8255 to reach a 24-hour crisis center
Call 1-800-784-2433 to reach a suicide hotline
Call 1-800-662-4357 to reach a substance abuse hoteline
Call 1-800-656-4673 to reach a sexual abuse hoteline
Call 911 to reach local USA emergency services

You do not need to fit into a box or check off symptoms in order to ask for help. Everyone is affected differently by mental health conditions. There is no "one-size-fits-all" for treatment or symptoms. Seek help when you need help. 


Ari is an English Professor at a university in Florida. She has been a mental health advocate and snailmailer since 2016. She aims to reach as many people as possible through the Specifically Sound project. 

2 of 15 patrons
The first 15 patrons lay the foundation of who we are as a community here at Specifically Sound. Our thanks to the first 15 is endless.

As a small thank you, we will be sending a handful of original stickers made specifically for the first box!
♥ Roses and Peonies will receive two sticker designs in the September box.
♥ Forget-Me-Nots will receive digital files with the same designs to use as wallpaper on their phones.

Please view this gift as a reminder that this project could not have continued without your support.
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