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An #OwnVoices LGBTQ+ Flash Fiction Patreon

Queer Voices

All pieces published by Spectrum will be written and edited by LGBTQ+ creators. Every piece must have at least one #OwnVoices element to it, and multiple intersections of identity are encouraged.

If you're curious what #OwnVoices is, it's a shorthand created by amazing queer author Corinne Duyvis for a piece that is written by an author who shares the main character(s) marginalized identity. We want to tell queer stories by queer authors.

Spectrum pieces will pull from multiple genres. We seek to do the following with each piece we publish:

  • Speak truth about the queer experience
  • Give hope or comfort to the LGBTQ+ reader
  • Be a spot of light and joy in today's political climate
  • Empower and encourage the LGBTQ+ reader that they are not alone.

Accessible Bite-Sized Stories

Each Spectrum Lit piece will be only 1500 words - flash fiction that could be read in a little over five minutes.

One piece a month will be free for anyone to read, and the rest available for patrons pledging $1 or more. We aim to make our work sustainable, but also as low-cost as possible for those who can't afford it.

Supporting Authors & Editors

We believe in paying creators for their work, especially marginalized creators, and our aim is to have professional rates as soon as we are stable enough to do so. If you look at our goals, you can see our long-term plans to raise the pay rates for authors more and more as we gain support.

What are your submission guidelines?

We are now open for submissions! For further details, see our Call for Submissions.

Who are the editors?

Right now, this is a one-person show run by Jaylee James, who recently edited Circuits and Slippers, a 300-page science fiction fairy tales anthology, and who created and ran Vitality Magazine, a LGBTQ lit mag, for two years. E is bigender and demi-bisexual, and er preferred pronouns are e/er (as in, "I hear e has never done er taxes all by enself.")

Once we are able to pay them, we will have guest editors who will curate pieces for themed months, but we need to make the project sustainable before we can do extra fun stuff like that.

How can I find pieces about a specific identity?

The "Featured Tags" column on the left-hand side of this page will include every piece we've published with the central character(s) sharing that identity.

There may be side characters with identities that are not tagged, and a piece being in our featured tag for that identity does not necessarily mean that is the #OwnVoices element of that story. (For example, in our first piece, Lemon & Salt, Claudie wrote a queerplatonic partnership between a nonbinary person and a cis person. It is #OwnVoices because the author is aromantic, but it is also linked as nonbinary due to it being the main character's identity.)

Have another question?

Feel free to contact us: [email protected] !
$16 of $30 per two stories
Our rates we pay authors will go up from $5 to $8.50 a piece.
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