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    About Reality Interactive

    Hello, and welcome to the Patreon for Spess, where no one can hear you scream! Honk!
    This wonderful piece of work is the culmination of our love for videogames, and a wonderful game called Space Station 13. Inspired by such a masterpiece, we wanted to show the world our take on it, so we set to work! And now, we'd like to show the world what we're creating: A game called Spess!
    Spess is a multiplayer, sci-fi game taking place on a deep-space research station. During each round, players are assigned a role (based on their picked preferences), and they try to survive in deep space. Mining, chemistry, botany, and many more roles are required to keep the station functioning.
    Of course, it's never that easy; plenty can, and will, go wrong. Certain players might be assigned as 'antagonists', ranging from traitors, enemy operatives, spies, thieves, gang members and many more! The AI may go haywire and try to kill everyone on board. Meteor showers or alien life might threaten the station. Low food might cause a mutiny. Or maybe the chemist wasn't paying attention and tipped a canister of chlorine gas right next to the ventilation intake.
    Either way, players partake in 'rounds', and try to survive each one until their shift is up. The game will be uniquely available in both a VR mode and a standard control mode, called 'Desktop' mode. There will be Steam Workshop support for mods, and servers will be able to host either VR, Desktop, or Combined servers, where players can play with each other, regardless of their mode!
    We are Reality Interactive, a small, Georgia-based team working with a few wonderful people from all over the world to make this game a reality! It's a ton of hard work, but this game is our passion. From artists to programmers, to marketing and community involvement, a lot of time and effort goes into this game. Join the developers and the community on our discord!
    Making a game takes a lot. It takes a lot of time, a lot of effort, a bunch of hard working people and, the hardest part for indie teams, a lot of money. So we've turned to the greatest support channel any videogame has. The thing that keeps a game alive over the years, that pours their time and passion into it. The very thing games are meant to serve. The community!
    We're looking to our wonderful community to help us fund this game. The more we get from Patreon, the more time we can pour into it, with the goal of being able to focus the core team full-time on creating Spess!
    Of course, we want to give back to the community, and the easiest way to do that is Patreon rewards! We have reward tiers ranging from $1 to $500, and plenty of rewards to go around! Being a Patron also helps keep you up to date, with all our event posts, updates, and general information coming to our Patreon first. And as always, you get all of our appreciation for making this game happen!

    All physical rewards and game copies are sent upon on release. All Beta and Alpha keys are sent a month prior to their respective events. All in-game rewards are sent upon release. Please give 1-3 months for the arrival of all physical rewards. All tiers gain the rewards of lower tiers. You must hold the payment for a minimum of 6 months (3 months if it's to be released) to receive the physical rewards. And a minimum of 2 months for the nonphysical rewards.
    $0 of $25 per month
    We'll be able to get snacks and energy drinks for our studio for a productivity boost. Yay!
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