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About Angel

Hi, I'm Angel, developer of, a dynamic and self regulated file-sharing website, where every file is being shared as a torrent, directly from browser to browser, and for a limited period of time.

As in an imageboard, there are several boards where you can start sharing files (limited to 200Mb for now). But it's not limited to images, every types of file can be shared: .jpg, .mp4, .txt, .zip,...And every time a file is being shared, a thread is created. You can comment that file, but most importantly, you can share new files in that thread. You can think of a thread as a directory.
E.g.: in the board Sports, I upload a soccer pic: it creates the thread Soccer. In that thread, I upload a pic of Zidane, it creates the thread Zidane in Soccer. It looks like this : Sports > Soccer > Zidane > ...

And if a file as no activity (no one comments, no one is sharing it) for a certain period of time, it will be removed as well as its related comments, but its children will move to its parents.
E.g.: if Soccer has no activity for 8 consecutive hours, it will be removed and Zidane will move to Sports: Sports > Zidane > ...

That's one peculiarity of this website, the other is that every file is being shared directly from your browser to the other users' browser. It never touches my server. And since those files are being shared as a torrent, you can use a torrent client which supports WebRTC.

My main concerns are to preserve the privacy and anonymity of the persons who will be using my website, that's why nothing stays (except the boards' name), and comments are completely anonymous.

I've created this page so that users can help support the future development of the website and the various costs, or just to show their appreciation for my work.

Thanks for reading and thank you for your support !

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