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About Spinfoam Games

Hi! I'm Charles, the founder of Spinfoam Games: a one-person indie game studio in Portland OR.

I have always been passionate about games of all kinds, but as a software developer I have a particular fondness for creating video games.

In the past I've released Flash games under the name "The Wasabi Project," but as Flash has faded away and new tools have become more accessible I decided I wanted to take the next step with my game development work. So I created Spinfoam Games and started work on my first PC & Mac release: Retromancer.

I think I wound up with a pretty nice game (it's out on Steam now!), but visibility and marketing for indie games is a nightmare these days and I don't want to decide what to create based on what seems to be trending on sales charts.

Instead, I am hoping to create a community of folks who are interested in indie games that might span all sorts of genres, but are all likely to have a certain quirky vibe to them. The kind of quirky vibe where "nostalgia" is absolutely in same category of dark magic as "necromancy" and "Tropical Dragon Slaughter" is a perfectly sensible name for a sci-fi themed score-attack space shooter.

If that sounds like the sort of thing you could get behind (or the sort of train wreck you really want to see play out), it would mean a lot to me if you're able to help me keep food on the table while I try to build a bunch of nifty games for you to play!

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