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About Spinning On Air

Spinning On Air® connects us to people who think creatively about what they do. Originals, whose ideas and perspectives can open us up to being more creatively aware, curious, and thoughtful in our own lives. Hosted and produced by me, David Garland, Spinning On Air began as a radio broadcast on WNYC in New York City 30 years ago. Now it originates independently from a little studio at the edge of the woods in the Hudson Valley of upstate New York. From this spot outside the mainstream, we get in touch with the new decentralized artistic imagination that’s bubbling up all around us.

Independence is supported through interdependence. Despite the long history of Spinning On Air, and the trust it earned over the years as a great resource for discovery and insight, its history doesn't guarantee its future. The future of Spinning On Air is a collaboration between me, my guests, and you the listener. I’ve always produced the show as a one-person “team,” but also used to have, in the background, the support of a big public radio station. As public radio shifts, drifts, and changes, podcasting is where the deeper conversations are taking place, uninhibited by formats, commercial categories, focus groups, and restrictive durations.

Thoughtful conversation and creative inspiration seem more important than ever these days. But how do you put a monetary value on them? Well, every aspect of creating Spinning On Air takes time, expertise, resourceful planning, and inventiveness. I receive crucial help with graphics and website design and production from my wife Anne Garland. And the colorful photography of my brother Chris Garland adds to the visual identity of the site. But a labor of love, and the loving labor of family and friends, need to be supplemented by some listener cash — cash that makes it possible and practical to create the ephemeral but substantial experience of understanding via audio. 

Thank you very much for giving what you can!
—David Garland

The Spinning On Air podcast production mega-facility, autumn 2017.

Spinning On Air is a registered trademark of WNYC Radio and is used by permission.
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