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Access to Experience Digests about interesting pieces of information and media I've thought of or come across—things you've never thought about, music you've never heard, YouTube videos you never imagined could exist, dreams I've had, all sorts of things. Here's an example of an old monthly-style one; I do them as I have them now but it's the same sort of content. Includes the previous tier as well.


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I'll write you a short poem with a little drawing. You can request a certain topic/atmosphere if you like. I may publish the poem later.  Includes both Digests.

Also, anyone at this level or above will get pre-release test builds of our games and the opportunity to give feedback on them before they come out.




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About Zoë Sparks

Who I am

Hello! I'm Zoë Sparks, a music and language artist with a deep interest in computers and food. In all of my endeavors, my focus is on surprising and intricate beauty—like tasting a mathematical object, or having a telepathic interaction with a flower.

I make a wide variety of things. Some of them are purely aesthetic—music, literature, videogames and computer art. Others are more functional—utility programs and recipes. I strive to have enough breadth and depth in my work to have something that resonates with everyone. I'm also eager to share the specialized knowledge I have and help others to create their own beautiful things.

On top of my solo work, I also collaborate with other artists. Lily Zone (Crypt Worlds) and I work closely together—we're making Crypt Underworld, as well as a soon-to-be-released multipack of games (Song of Homunculus, The Last Car, and Crypt Worlds: Director's Edition). Also, Everest Pipkin and I have worked together; in addition to performances and gallery shows when we lived in Austin and a residency we did together in Kansas, we've done a YouTube curation project called "Snowfall DESTROYS Three Cars" (see playlists 1, 2, 3, and 4).

If you'd like to see my work, take a look at my website. If you find my work meaningful, please contribute here, so I can stay alive and healthy enough to keep working.

My personal circumstances

If you're curious about the situation I'm living in, here is a bit of information: I'm trans, I live in poverty—this is my sole source of dependable income—and I have a number of health conditions that leave me reliant on the often-hard-to-access healthcare system and make it difficult to consistently function. I've been diagnosed with chronic complex migraine with aura, delayed sleep phase syndrome, and ADHD; my life has been a kind of constant carousel of getting and losing treatment for those conditions as I move around the country to wherever the rent is cheapest, gain and lose health insurance, and so on. These days, Lily Zone and I live together, so any threats to my housing impact her as well.

I'll keep making art as long as I'm physically able—I've focused my life on it since I was a kid and it's what drives me to keep going in life. Your contribution helps ensure that I'll be able to get healthcare, buy food, and have a place to live and work while that's going on.

Thanks so much to everyone who supports me! Even those of you who just give a dollar are making a real impact on my life—that's sometimes the difference between the red and the black for me.

My lovely avatar is by @men_icandoit14.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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