Kate Riegle van West (Spin Poi) is creating poi and health research

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$1 /mo
You get to see all the things on my Patreon feed! Like early releases of research data! And adorable pictures of my cat! 

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$5 /mo
Access to all the Patreon thingz plus a shout out on the supporters page of my website - www.spinpoi.com/help

$15 or more

$15 /mo
All of the above plus a high res digital download of the poi guide used in my research, with original artwork by Hikari Masunaga.  (If you want the guide but do not want to continue donating monthl...

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$25 /mo
All of the above plus I will follow you on all the social media, and give you a special shout out on my own facebook and twitter.

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$50 /mo
All of the above plus I will mail a one of a kind, hand drawn ode to you!

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$100 /mo
You are my hero. Seriously. You will get all of the above plus  a set of handmade Maori style poi which I learned to make in New Zealand! Ready to play with and/or display decoratively.