A. M. is creating Esoteric spiritual, Fantasy and SF Literature & Poetry, Advice

$5 /mo
My hearfelt thanks and best wishes for you!

$10 /mo
My heartfelt thanks, and appreciation!. A (probably short) verse for you, if you like.

$20 /mo
A poem written especially for you (Available in English or German. Of you speak both langauges, let me know then the creative force will choose.).

$50 /mo
Either a few shorter or one or two "regular" poems, written especially for you. Apologies for not stating the length... That is not my decision to make... The poem will come as it presents itself. ...

$120 /mo
A Skype or phone session with either some counselling and / or a poem or "poetical advice", sponatenously developing during our conversation. Feel free to ask questions.

$500 /mo
Any or all of the above. And a big, huge THANK YOU!.

$1,200 /mo
A postcard from my next island trip and 10 poems as to questions of soul life you may have, written specically for you. A free counselling session, plus my hugest thanks. Dinner with me in the town...