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👻 AN EXCLUSIVE monthly digital (text + voice chat) meet-up on our Discord server with Allison to celebrate recent show content + address any questions about the monthly *super exclusive* Intuitive Development Podcast Episode... Maybe over spirits. Ha! Get it? Chatting all things Spirit over delicious spirits?! PLUS you can receive direct tailored guidance about your own Intuitive Development...

  • Note: On some months we may have more than 1 scheduled Discord chat but that depends on Allison's schedule and whether she's in her intensive "travel season"

👻 Occasional shout-outs + Spirit-Vibe love on our Socials & in some select episodes... Choose whatever moniker / stage name you want! But we guess going by your real name is cool too ;)

AND, of course, our eternal love & devotion on the airwaves

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About Spirit Unplugged Podcast

Hello fellow LurkersBoo Babes & Spook Squad!

We are in our first year of recording & producing the ah-mazing "Spirit Unplugged" podcast, that covers a variety of spiritual topics including psychic abilities, paranormal phenomena, portrayals of spirituality in the media, methods to improve your own intuition, common spiritual tools that can be used to further connect on a higher vibration, weird creepy crawlie stories & experiences, and SO MUCH MORE! The sky is the limit here and even in our first few episodes we can tell already that we're only just scratching the service ;)

As a long-time Professional Psychic Medium (appearing online under the handle @AllisonAwakened), Allison has such a passion for co-facilitating the accessibility of this type of content. For all too long now - a lot of these experiences and stories have been very cloak and dagger without thorough affirmation & validation from a working, Professional Psychic Medium. Our hope is to provide you with the content you've been craving - to answer those weird spiritual questions of yours, address the prevailing New Age & Spiritual Community trends, issues, and changes as a true Insider to the field, AND most of all, validate your own not-so-normal experiences with the Other Worlds.

In the beginning, the production of each episode has taken us (AT LEAST) a solid 16 to 20 hours from initial research, content writing, episode recording, editing, final uploading, and marketing / reaching out via social media.

On top of that - we so very badly want to share with you early access to our episodes (because honestly we are producing episodes months in advance at the moment) + behind the scenes footage + content / meet-up opinion polls + exclusive Online access to engage with Allison OUTSIDE of the Episodes, one-to-one reading session & social feeds.

We are looking to you, our beloved LurkerBoo Babe & Spook Squad Patrons, to support us along this journey so that we may pour more and more of our Spirit-Vibe love into giving you all that we have to offer.

So c'mon! Consider becoming a beloved Patron & help us to foster a NEW Spiritual Community, one where authenticity, unfiltered, honest discussion, stories & experiences are celebrated and shared in a safe space where an Expert / Pro like Allison can dish on the REAL DEALS with all of this spiritual mumbo-jumbo.

Tons of Spirit-Vibe Love;

Your Co-Hosts
Allison & Nick

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Reaching this goal is HUGE for us! You've basically just told us you really like us & are willing to make our dreams come true. NBD. And to reward you for that faith in us, Allison will hop on to do an extra Discord (digital voice chat / text) session - available to ALL PATRON TIER LEVELS - just to hang out and do FREE mini reads.
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