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About Spiritwarrior

I am about to start a quest where I manifest greatness. I am doing so after years of hard work and dedication to mainly attain spiritual enlightenment. Society has created a model where my path is virtually impossible. I have however through my struggles and experiences reached very high levels of wisdom. I am speaking from a very humble standing where I still will grow and learn as I implement my wisdom into my daily practice of living. I am a loving father, a best friend, a source of wisdom, a teacher, a student and mostly I simply am. I start this quest with virtually nothing owned in my name. I will help others be more attuned to frequencies of love in these monumental shifting times. With this quest, I know I will inspire any and all living beings to consciously live in peace and love. The working title for my first book is "Spiritwarrior handbook". My promise to you as Patreons is authenticity. My goal in the short term is to empower young adults to make conscious decisions in their lives that is in attunement to their purpose. These decisions are critical to the happiness and prosperity of the individual and will greatly improve our communities through ripple effects. My vision is to help humanity live more consciously and happily in oneness with nature through love and compassion. 

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