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Sadhana is the daily practices we do to improve mentally and physically. When you give at the Sadhana level, you’ll have access to video recordings of all of my online yoga and meditation practices, so you can practice any where, any time. You’ll be able to ask me questions and discuss our classes with the community. I’ll solicit your feedback and requests for future classes.

  • Recordings include beginner vinyasa, intermediate vinyasa, yin yoga, and guided meditation, all of varying lengths.
  • You’ll receive links to the playlists, so you can practice with music if you prefer.
  • 10-15 classes are released each month.
  • Your contribution will allow me to keep recording classes and providing content!
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The Sangha is the spiritual community that supports you in your growth. At this level, you’ll get free admission to a monthly, 2-hour workshop hosted online. You’ll receive a video recording of the workshop if you’re unable to attend live. You’ll be able to ask me questions about the workshop, and I’ll solicit your feedback and requests for future workshops.

  • Workshops will be on yoga, Ayurveda, cooking, and mindful living.
  • You’ll also receive all of the Sadhana offerings! 
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Shanti is a deep peace you feel when you are connected to your true self. At this level, you’ll get a one-hour private yoga session with me each month over Zoom! These sessions will be recorded so you can practice with them again. You’ll also receive an 18% discount on Ayurvedic consultations, additional private yoga, and fertility/pregnancy support.

  • Sessions can focus on specific poses, energetic themes, easing aches and pains, relieving stress, or meditation and breathwork.
  • I am a certified teacher in vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, and pre/postnatal yoga.
  • You’ll have exclusive discounts on services, products, events, and retreats.
  • You’ll also receive all of the Sangha and Satsang offerings! 




Samantha Attard | Yoga * Ayurveda * Doula

Thank you for supporting our digital community! I founded Spiro Collective with the goal of bringing together a community of individuals who want to live joyfully and authentically. By becoming a member of our digital community, you’re supporting the growth of that community, which includes many offerings that are available for free.

Free Content I've Been Creating:
  • Weekly Newsletter - insights into the life lessons I'm learning and teaching about.
  • Happy Healthy Human Radio - my podcast that's full of interviews, guided meditation and yoga practices, and riffs on mindful living.
  • Insight Timer - audio meditation and yin yoga sessions.
  • Livestream yoga and meditation sessions - join me on Zoom for yoga and meditation 4 times per week! Anyone is able to join these livestream sessions, which are offered by donation.

Your support will allow me to dedicate more time to creating this free content and to expand my offerings into Ayurveda and yoga programs, workbooks, and guides.

What you receive:
  • For $6/month, Sadhana Members receive high-definition video recordings of all livestream yoga and meditation sessions. You’ll also get to provide input and requests on future yoga and meditation sessions.
  • For $33/month, Satsang Members additionally receive free access to a monthly, 2-hour Zoom workshop focusing on yoga (both the physical and energetic practices), Ayurveda (lifestyle routines, diet, and health), or mindful living. **Satsang Members also receive an 9% discount on Ayurvedic, private yoga, and fertility/pregnancy support.**
  • For $111/month, Shanti Members receive a monthly, one-hour private yoga and/or meditation session with me via Zoom. We’ll focus on whatever your needs are: stress relief, aches and pains, meditation...the sky is the limit. **Shanti Members also receive an 18% discount on Ayurvedic, private yoga, and fertility/pregnancy support and will receive additional discounts on workshops, events, and retreats.**

If you have any questions about these offerings, please reach out to [email protected] or check out my website spirocollective.com.

If you’re new to my work, I invite you to subscribe to my free newsletter at spirocollective.com and join one of our FREE yoga and meditation classes (schedule at spirocollective.com/events), so you can experience what you will be supporting!

About Samantha Attard and Spiro Collective:
Spiro Collective (spirocollective.com) is an integrative wellness company founded by Samantha Attard, a nutrition PhD, yoga instructor, and Ayurvedic coach. Samantha incorporates yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, and modern nutrition to help women de-stress and find their unique path to optimum health. Samantha received her PhD in Nutrition at UNC Chapel Hill, where she first saw the power of combining Eastern and Western medicine for optimum health and healing. You can join Sam in person for public or private yoga, coaching, and workshops, or listen to her podcast, Happy Healthy Human Radio.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 38 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 38 exclusive posts

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