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Welcome to Splain you a Thing! 

A blog on the Orbit network dedicated to examining and explaining social issues as they pertain to the lives of it's writers. This Patreon is dedicated to the blog as a whole, with proceed going to reimburse the writers of a piece as well as helping with blog upkeep and management. The per piece sponsorship helps motivate our writers and helps with being able to compensate guest writers as well.  If you would like to sponsor our writers directly as well, please feel free to follow the links from their names to their individual Patreon pages. 

Currently our regular writers include: 

Ania Onion Bula:
The blog founder and multiply disabled author of Young, Sick, and Invisible, a book where she talks about her experiences getting diagnosed and learning to live with new limitations. She explores a variety of topics using her own life as a lens as well as her experience studying biomedical sciences and psychology. 
In addition to tackling social issues, Ania also talks about her experiences in learning small scale farming, shares her various art forms including painting, wood carving, and some metal work. She also shares her various recipes and culinary creations inspired by both her need to manage her Crohn's disease and by her Polish heritage. 
The blog also includes some of her works of fiction, including a serial story called Baba Yaga's Magical School for Abandoned Girls, which are available to patrons of the blog. 

Sunflower Punk 
A disabled NB Latina single parents raising a child while on welfare. Her works explore the different intersections of her various identities and how they impact her and her child's life.
She also shares her art, interesting stories, and information related to her Puerto Rican heritage. 

In addition to it's regular writers, the blog also features regular guest pieces from other talented writers, and does it's best to promote people from other vulnerable communities. 

$25 of $30 per Blog Post
With this goal met, Ania will do her best to commit to producing a minimum of two posts per month. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 39 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 39 exclusive posts

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