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  • High-res JPGs or PNGs
    • Maps
    • NPCs
    • Monsters
    • Items
  • Accompanying text descriptions, scenarios, adventure hooks and stats.
  • All for you to use in your D&D campaign or other RPGs!
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Shop Keeper

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  • High-res image files for maps, tokens and other assets where applicable.
  • Alternate versions of maps and other assets; may include
    • Day/Night
    • Different Seasons
    • Lights or Energy active
  • Talk directly with me: Patreon only Discord channel
  • All of the benefits of the Villager Tier

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Noble - Limited Commercial (Early Bird)

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Patrons at this tier have access to commercial use of certain assets. Maps, tokens, illustrations and other RPG components may be available for patrons to use in their own publications, but must be discussed with me and approved on a case by case basis.
Don't miss your chance to get access to all the VTT tokens I have in the Splattered Ink library at this special reduced rate!
  • Attribution to Splattered Ink with a link to this Patreon must be included
  • If creating a digital VTT module for the adventure, you may also include up to 5 of the SRD Creature Tokens per adventure, inclusive of variants.
  • If you are using any of the SRD Creature Tokens you must also include a credit to both Splattered Ink and Tom Cartos.
  • If your work is being posted online in a digital marketplace or platform, this attribution must be in the description section and a link to https://www.patreon.com/splatteredink must also be included. A text link is sufficient where hyperlinks are not possible.
  • Written works that include my art or other assets must be at least 2000 words in length
  • Additional licensing details will be shared as needed
  • Patrons additionally receive all of the benefits of the Villager and Shop Keeper tier



About Splattered Ink

Heyo, I'm Darryl T. Jones, a long time gamer and artist. I'm excited to use Patreon as a platform to share unique creatures, tokens, maps, assets, encounters and complete adventures that you can use with your favorite Role Playing Games! My highly detailed, yet somewhat whimsical illustration style bleeds throughout all of my work and is guaranteed to bring you many memorable game sessions! Stats will be built in D&D 5e, but likely expand in the future. These creations will be compatible with any 5e setting. But, used as a whole, I am building the campaign setting and world of the Dobbers. Many maps, creatures and other assets can be used for digital play using a service like Roll20.
10 - reached! patrons
Let's start building something together. Our first goal is simple, 10 members. 10 gamers who want to talk art, adventures, homebrew and all things RPGs. Once we reach that goal, I'll let you vote on a custom build, race, class, monster, whatever the 10+ of you decide. 

Let's make some fun stuff! Sincerely - Darryl T. Jones
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