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is creating MAPS, CREATURES and ADVENTURES for D&D and other RPGs!

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  • High-res JPGs or PNGs
    • Maps
    • NPCs
    • Monsters
    • Items
  • Accompanying text descriptions, scenarios, adventure hooks and stats.
  • All for you to use in your D&D campaign or other RPGs!

Shop Keeper

per month
  • High-res PSD layered files for maps and other images if applicable.
  • Alternate versions of maps and other assets; may include
    • Day/Night
    • Different Seasons
    • Lights or Energy active
  • Talk directly with me: Patreon only Discord channel
  • All of the benefits of the Villager Tier

Founding Member

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You and three (2 to 4) of your friends will enjoy a private D&D campaign with me as your DM using one of my game worlds or another published module of your choice.
  • Once a Month
  • Three Hours per Session
  • We will use Roll20 and the online video and voice service of your choice (Zoom, Discord, Google Hangouts, etc).
I'll walk you and your friends through every step of character creation and game rules. I run games that are perfect for beginners and can be kid friendly. Games will be scheduled according to you and your other player's availability, though some restrictions will apply.

(note: no R rated or otherwise inappropriate content)

Also includes all the benefits from previous tiers.




Join me as I build a new Patreon community. I'll be creating unique maps, creatures, stand-alone encounters and complete adventures for use with your favorite Role Playing Games. Stats will be built in D&D 5e and expand in the future. Content will be suited for The Dobbers, Thrall and your general high-fantasy setting. Many maps, creatures and other assets can be used for digital play using a service like Roll20.
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Let's start building something together. Our first goal is simple, 10 members. 10 gamers who want to talk art, adventures, homebrew and all things RPGs. Once we reach that goal, I'll let you vote on a custom build, race, class, monster, whatever the 10+ of you decide. 

Let's make some fun stuff! Sincerely - Darryl T. Jones
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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