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Sometimes intimistic folk tunes, other times epic progressive rock extravaganzas, depending on my mood

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Hey! My name is Julien Gaullier. I'm a songwriter from France and the musician behind Spleen Arcana.

My inspiration comes from 70's progressive rock, classic rock, Scottish Highlands, romantic painters, and the great outdoors. Some of my favourite artists include Pink Floyd, Genesis, Mike Oldfield, Steven Wilson and Marillion...


Rennes, France

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Welcome to Spleen Arcana Patreon page!

Who is Spleen Arcana?
My name is Julien Gaullier, I'm a French musician and songwriter and Spleen Arcana is the name under which I record progressive rock music since 2008. Spleen Arcana self released two albums on Bandcamp. I'd like to release on Patreon all the music I create regardless of the musical genre.

Why Patreon?
Patreon is a fantastic way to support independent music and help artists stay free to create. You get closer to the artist and to the creative process.

How do I become a patron?
Just enter the amount you'd like to donate per song (remember $1 is better than nothing!) in the box above and click "Become A Patron".

NB : Your pledge is for each song, it's like a subscription in a way, it means that every time I release a song (not everyday obviously, let's say a song by month), you'll be charged. Of course, you can edit/delete your pledges .

What do you get?
$1 patrons get access to my activity feed featuring exclusive songs streaming, behind-the-scenes footage and insights on current and upcoming music I'm working on.

$3 patrons receive a mp3 download of all my exclusive songs (256kbps MP3) as they came out and get access to my activity feed as well

$5 patrons receive a hi-quality download of all my exclusive songs (24-bit studio master wav, basically the best sound you can get!) as they came out but also a homemade, personal duplicated audio CD once a year, the access to my activity feed, and a 20% discount in my Bandcamp!

Thank you so much for listening to my music and supporting my work!

- Julien
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