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About Noah Antwiler

I host an online comedy review show and podcast that has been around for 6 years across various networks such as Screwattack and That Guy with the Glasses. TSE has a wide variety of different shows that speak to a different variety of audiences, such as my comedy reviews of terrible movies and video games. My latest project, "Counter Monkey," has been wildly popular because of its focus on tabletop roleplaying games and tall tales of games gone disastrously (hilariously) bad.

I've been an invited guest panelist and speaker at several gaming conventions such as SGC 2010, MAGFest 2011 and international conventions overseas like Aninite 2012 and BroCon 2012! I have also acted in"The Cinema Snob Movie," "Press Start 2 Continue," and starred in several online serials such as "Suburban Knights" and"To Boldly Flee."


Note that this profile is still an early work in progress, and I'm still working on coming up with a list of goals and rewards that's realistic and fair, but awesome for everyone! Nothing's set in stone!

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If by some unbelievable miracle pledges ever get to this point I'll shift my focus to finishing my script for a feature-length movie and putting it into pre-production. Reviews will continue during this time, of course; the added revenue will help supplement production costs of the movie, if and when it goes into production.
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