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About Sports Geek

We've been producing podcasts at Sports Geek since 2013 as a way to stay connected with people we work with and learn new trends in sports business.

As Sean Callanan, founder of Sports Geek and host of the Sports Geek podcast, has mentioned on the podcast before: "The podcast is for my clients of Sports Geek - past, current & future".  It has also been a tremendous channel to grow the Sports Geek client roster.

What we didn't see coming was the tremendous support from the sports business industry from around the world.  We've had emails, DMs, tweets come in from listeners from all over who continue to listen and support all Sports Geek content.

We are starting this Patreon to give those followers a chance to support our efforts in producing content for the sports business world through podcasts, guides and email newsletters.

Over the years we've increased production of content and subsequently hired some tremendous staff who deserve a shoutout:
  • James - podcast editor
  • DJ Joel - voiceover talent
  • Joli - graphics & social content producer
  • Meg - show notes & Sports Geek News curation

Here is a sample of what we have produced so far:
  • Sports Geek podcast - over 240 episodes interviewing the world's best from marketing, digital & technology in the sports world.
  • Sports Geek News - over 300 emails sharing the best sports business articles Sean reads on a weekly basis.
  • #Sportsbiz on social - curating articles from the sports business world on Sean's LinkedinTwitter and Sports Geek's Facebook page.

We rarely advertise on Sports Geek content, as we've previously reserved potential advertising spots for promoting Sports Geek consulting options like Digital To Dollars, workshops, projects and keynote speaking opportunities.  

We've structured the Patreon support options with two seperate levels - Personal and Business.

If you personally get value from Sports Geek content and enjoy listening to the Sports Geek podcast on a regular basis you have the following options:
  • Continue as is - thanks for listening to and reading our content.
  • Support via a Patreon level you can afford.
  • Get in touch and work with Sports Geek to drive results for your league, team or brand.

If you consume Sports Geek content and your business wants to reach the Sports Geek audience you have the following options:
  • Support via the Patreon level you'd like your business or brand to be represented at.
  • Get in touch and see how Sports Geek can help you reach key decision makers in the sports industry globally.

Want more info on the Sports Geek audience? Please get in touch.

If you'd prefer a one-off payment, need a tax invoice or other options, we're happy to help sort that.
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We'll produce a Patreon only #AskSportsGeek episode where Sean Callanan will answer your questions in a Patreon only podcast episode.
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