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About SqrlyJack World

Hello! I’m SqrlyJack, a weird furry artist from Cincinnati, Ohio. You might know me for the weird furry art I draw, the game Sulky Sad Bobcat & the Misfit Mascots (on hiatus), or my comic Blax & Jack. The later of which is the focus of this Patreon!

Also check out my website, yo

About Blax & Jack

Blax & Jack is a comic about corruption, disillusionment, love, cartoon violence, 90’s robots, evil rich people, spooky creatures, and crazy gangsters! The main character is Blaxani Slutskaya (a.k.a. Blaxanie O'Neal, a.k.a. Iron Blax), a skilled and world famous fighter from the people's republic of Vladinin who eventually became a super soldier for the capitalist global superpower Abranida against her will. The main villain, Giovanni Knitone (a.k.a. Gio), is an amoral multi-billionaire bent on exploiting the world's population by all means for his own gain and amusement, all while keeping them complacent and oblivious. Blax is joined by her wacky, groovy cyborg girlfriend and sidekick Jaclyn "Jack" Michaels (shameless, ain't it?) as they begin to see things for what they are and stand up for the truth on their adventure to take down Gio and change the world.

For the future of this comic, I plan on there being sagas after Giovanni is defeated, and I also plan on making smaller projects unrelated to Blax or Sulky Sad Bobcat. For now, though, these two big projects are my main focus.

Why Support SqrlyJack on Patreon?

Although this Patreon’s main focus is on the Blax & Jack comic, this Patreon funds me as an artist in general, and there will be other side projects down the road. Also, since I plan to update this comic monthly, it seems appropriate to have monthly funding. The idea here is basically a glorified tip-jar to help me cover my bills so I can afford to do this comic on a regular basis. Every contribution counts!

I’m a team of one so my capabilities as far as rewards go are limited, but I’ve come up with a few things you might like. You’ll get to see full-resolution art (I often work with 600-1200 dpi), concept sketches, and early access to new comic pages (I post them on Patreon before I paint them). Things may change one way or another depending on how things go. You can see details on my rewards below.


Q: Are there any Discord perks? Is there a discord server?
A: No, and I have a lazy excuse of a discord server. If you wanna join the disappointment and/or try to form a parasocial relationship with me, just follow this link. (Please do not actually form a parasocial relationship with me).

Q: Do you take commissions?
A: No, but actually yes. I am terrible at managing commissions. I only take sketch commissions during streams. More details here.

Q: When do you stream?
A: I try to stream at least every other Friday. Sometimes I forget. Oops. Click here to find where I stream.

Q: What species is Blaxanni?
A: Eurasian lynx and Manx cat hybrid. tldr; a cat but with no tail.

Q: Is it spelled Blaxannie, Blaxani, Blaxanni, or Блаксани?
A: Yes. You can call her Blax for short.

Q: When is the character Jack gonna come out, transition from male to female, and become a cyborg in the comic?
A: Within the first book, so somewhere in the next few chapters.

Q: When will Blax get thicc in the comic?
A: Also soon.

Q: What's the NPR?
A: The New Power Revolution is a resistance/community self-defense group. They're Borschunist and Anti-Fardist. The FUZZ, SVS, and Neo-Fardists absolutely hate the NPR. More details soon.

Q: What's the SVS?
A: The Sweater Vest Scurry are a greedy, reactionary crime organization that Gio propped up for the FUZZ to fight a forever war with.

Q: What's the FUZZ?
A: The police. They are not the good guys in this.

Q: Barsik rules.
A: Да.

Thank you for your support!
And remember: Only you can help Blax’s revolution!

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