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AM Civil PE Package
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This will give you access to hundreds of pages of problems for all AM civil PE exam disciplines, as well as hundreds of pages of accompanying notes.  You'll get thousands of problems.  I used these to study for taking my exam!  The price is recurring monthly, but you can download then cancel your pledged support.

PM Civil WRE Package
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You'll get access to a downloadable file with 60 very tricky and exam-realistic problems (160 pages) that will greatly prepare you for the PM WRE exam.  I created these after passing my exam.  They will take your preparation to the next level!  The price is recurring monthly, but you can download then cancel your pledged support.  

*** IMPORTANT *** 

This will not give you access to the AM Civil PE Package Tier.  You will have to join that tier separately to access that material.




*** ATENTION ***

THIS MATERIAL WAS FORMALLY AVAILABLE AT www.sqrpgz.com but I decided to move it here (I suggest you visit www.sqrpgz.com when you have the chance -- it is an amazing platform connecting engineers to make the world a better place! 

Approximately 1,000 people have already used my problems to pass the civil PE exam.

If you're serious about passing the Civil PE Exam, then you must do as many exam-realistic practice problems as possible!  The more experience that you have solving problem types from different angles, the better. 

I took the WRE exam 5 years ago, after graduating over a decade prior.  I had a lot to re-learn.  After taking two (one popular, but horrible and another pretty good) prep courses, I realized I still needed more exposure to exam-realistic problems.  I passed on my first try, and you can to!

On this site, I offer a bunch of files for you to download -- mostly solved exam-realistic problems, but also some important note files.  To access the downloads, you'll need to become a Patron.  There is one Tier pledge that will give you access to AM questions, and another that will give you access to PM WRE questions.  If you want access to all materials, then you'll need to pledge at both Tiers.  The prices are recurring monthly, but you can download then cancel your pledged support.

See FREE AM problem examples here.

See FREE PM problem examples here.

Thank you for visiting this site.  Regardless if you decide to pledge or not, I wish you best of luck on your exam!  The world (with all of its decaying infrastructure) needs more licensed and ethical civil engineers!

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