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Squirrel Friendo

$1 /mo
For those of you who would like to help out, but aren't exactly loaded, this tier is perfect for you! What are the benefits of donating the humble one dollar bill to the cause? 


Squirrel Bro

$5 /mo
For those of you who would like to help out a little more and start to receive some more tangible rewards, this tier is great for you! With a $5 subscription you get the following!



Squirrel Champion

$10 /mo
This tier introduces a lot of really cool rewards, and for only 5 dollars more than the previous tier! Contributing just $10 a month means getting a much more complete package of rewards and immers...

Squirrel Hero

$20 /mo
If you are a patron of this tier you have really gone above and beyond, and it is for that reason that the rewards become more personal in this tier. For contributing $20 a month you will receive:

Squirrel Overlord

$50 /mo
If you are a patron of this magnitude you deserve HELLA rewards. At this point I'm bombarding you with goodies and you will get an even more personalized Squirrelman experience because you have hel...

Squirrel God

$100 /mo
You've done it. You have surpassed your own mortality and have become an official Squirrel God. This is the ultimate tier, and you get every possible benefit for being the highest level of supporte...