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Thank you for your support! Though the mighty $1 may seem small, it's actually incredibly helpful and I'm greatful for all the support I receive~

Though I can't offer you much, for $1 you get access to all the high-res images I post as a thanks!
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The mighty deckhand is responsible for keeping me alive in my drunken stupor. Your support is greatly appreciated, thank you so much!

But what do you get for $3?! You get access to:
  • Any WIPs & Finished drawings
  • Image variants
  • Patreon requests
  • Early access to the first animation of the month (Currently 1 of 2)
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As the navigator you're helping me navigate these treacherous seas, through thick and thin!
Thank you so much for supporting me, I truly appreciate it!

But what do you get for $5?!
You get access to
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  • Image variants
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  • Exclusive content
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Please note that when you pledge it charges you up front so if you want to support please avoid pledging towards the end of the month, and instead wait until the 1st of the next month to avoid paying twice!


Hello and welcome to my Patreon!
I'm a simple pregnancy artist and animator looking to bring more preggo content of your favourite waifus to your doorstep.
I don't just do pregnancy but it is my main focus.
I draw/animate:
  • Pregnancy
  • Birth
  • Stuffing
  • Inflation
  • Smaller tums
  • Bigger tums

I do NOT draw/animate:

  • Mpreg (Unless it's a commission)
  • Male orientated stuffing & inflation (unless it's a commission)
  • Guro (this includes bursting)
  • Water-sports
  • Bestiality
  • Any of the more extreme fetishes
For more information on me and what I do please check out my DeviantArt:


Here's a quick FAQ of questions I've never been asked (and some I actually have now):
Q: "Why do you need extra money you sellout?"
A: These costs go towards upgrading my equipment, paying for my food, or aiding towards my bills.

Q: "If I donate now will I get access to past perks?"
A: Yes, any $5 or more donation made will allow you to view old animations.

Q: "What do I get for donating?"
A: My love <3 But also whatever is listed in the perks!

Q: "Will you draw more X, Y, or Z content?"
A: You betcha I will!

Q: "If I become a patron can I ask you to draw whatever I want?"
A: Yep, but I have the right to deny it if I don't want to draw it.

Q: "I don't have money to support, do I have to support to get your content?"
A: Well, yes and no. There's an exclusive Patreon animation you're going to miss out on, but I've got a long list of pre-existing animations already available to view!

Q: "Sellout"
A: That's a good Reel Big Fish song, my guy.
$346.41 of $600 per month
My time is limited these days and I pick up projects that are going to help pay my rent, so by earning this much I can put more time into these projects!

Here's what you'll unlock when we hit this goal:
  • The first animation of the month will get more features where possible
  • The second animation of the month will get upgraded to a full expansion with "the works" (Birth, mini-games, ect ect)
  • A special one-time Patreon-exclusive animation that everyone will be able to vote for
  • Every patron will get a free drawing
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