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(Home website www.sriyoga.com)

As a new father, I'm re-orienting my life to really make teaching yoga my main profession again.  And there's so much to share!  Here's a list of the some of the projects I'm developing:

- An online course, "Retrieving the Soul of Yoga".
Market yoga is like an invasive species that has created a global movement of more than 300 million people (1 in 25 people on the planet). But the soul of yoga, the connection to the Holy Rishis who gave us yoga, has been lost. An incredible foundation has been laid, and this course seeks to help you to identify and share in the cultivation of the native species of yoga, to heal ourselves and our planet.  The course will be a series of 10-15 min. long videos, totaling about 10 hours of content.  I will share exclusive sneak previews of the course content here!

-A new book, "Yoga is like Sex: Healing the Fear of the Sacred"
There are hardly two topics that are more powerful than yoga and sex.  They share a lot in common, especially in their sacred nature.  Yet, owing to the religious scars of the West, we're incredibly uncomfortable in discussing this sacred nature.  This book is a journey of consciousness, deconstructing the way our personal pains have manifested around yoga and sex, shining light on our collective societal pains, and empowering us to reclaim our own personal power by healing the fear of the sacred.  I will share exclusive snippets of the book I feel confident won't be changed too much here!

-A new Sanskrit video, "Rhythm in Pronunciation"
My sole video on my youtube channel has gathered nearly 70 thousand views and 900 subscribers!  I promised a second video in there, and the requests keep pouring in.  I really want to finish this video and make good on that promise.

- Other books!
There are many books that I need to write.  A second edition of "Yoga is Union" should be finished in the next couple of years, a book on yoga nidra "The Power of Shavasana", and a book that focuses just on the divinely revealed dashasana yoga sequence, "The Yoga of Mother Divine."  These projects are more on the back burner, but I already have collected pages of revelations on these topics, and more is always coming through practice.  I'd be so happy to share some of those practice revelations here!

Thanks so much for considering becoming my patron.  You're support gives me continued inspiration to produce this content, and your love continually affirms for me the value of a family of spiritual practice.

Jai Sri!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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