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$1 or more per month patrons
Even for the little you are giving, we are eternally grateful and we will shout you out at the end of all of our shows. You will also be able to hear news updates for our network with our SSAANN posts.

As well as early access to episodes of Just A Gintama Podcast and One Podcast Prevails.

$3 or more per month patrons
To commemorate the launch of our Patreon, will be doing a limited mini-series exclusive to this site. 

This will be a multi-part series dedicated to Doctor's inability to keep up with his 2017 Shonen Jump backlog. Each episode will go through a month's worth of Viz's Weekly Shonen Jump as he will review and rank nearly every series in the magazine. 

This will include reviews of ongoing series (that Doctor is currently reading) like: One Piece, My Hero Academia, The Promised Neverland, and much more. Even new Jump Start titles that have come and gone throughout the year.

Watch LIVE!
$5 or more per month patrons
Along with the thanks and shout-outs, you will have access to a private stream to watch any of our recordings live. You will get the raw, unedited experience of the podcast. Plus, whatever we talk about before or after the show.
Network Expansion!
$7 or more per month patrons
If you were not aware, we can't seem to want to stay quiet. 

In the past, we have experimented with podcasts outside of the anime/manga-sphere. Now we want to use this opportunity to bring back some of our older shows which we will give you early access to listen to them before the general public. Not only that, we may also be starting some new shows that will be exclusive to this tier.

Examples of what is to come on the Network Expansion:

SSAG -  We will be hosting the Ass Backwards Gaming Podcast exclusively on Patreon. We love video games and we haven't been able to talk about it on our main show for a while. Topics will range from what we are currently playing to whatever is going on in the gaming world.

Ready Start Up Change - A tokusatsu centered show that we started some time ago will be a making its revival on Patreon.
(Early Access)

(New) Too Grown Up: A Rugrats Retrospective - A look into the beloved 90's Nickelodeon classic.

(New) Tune Sweet. A pro wrestling podcast centered around the music of pro wrestling.

(New) Commentaries on some of our favorite movies which we can either pre-record or live stream so it's like we are having a movie night all together.

(New) Project Time Capsule - ????

What do you want?!
$10 or more per month patrons
Is there a specific show/topic you want us to talk about? With this tier, you can actually force us to talk about nearly anything you want. We say nearly because we will still have final say as if it something way too explicit. So be kind.

You also get all the livestream, patreon-exclusive shows, thank you's, etc.

Come on the show!
$15 or more per month patrons
So not only do you want to tell us what we will talk about, you want to be on the show? Sure! You have your choice to be on any of the shows we have including, but not limited to, SSAA Podcast, Just A Gintama Podcast, One Podcast Prevails, and even any of the Patreon-exclusive shows.

You will be required to have your own microphone and you will be asked to have a brief screening to make sure you are not crazy.

Patrons are allowed only one guest appearance but if we like you, you may be allowed to come back on again in a future show.

Thank yous, live streams, and exclusive shows are all included in this tier too.

Fan Fiction?
$20 or more per month patrons
For those of you that are shy and don't feel like talking with us on the shows, we may have something else worth your liking. 

On top of everything we are offering, Foxy will write fanfiction about their favorite show and characters without having seen it at all and going just off of a 1 minute voice note describing the show/characters/situation they want. 5-10K words. Please allow us 4-6 weeks to complete/deliver your fanfic.