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$1 /mo
Even for the little you are giving, we are eternally grateful and we will shout you out at the end of all of our shows. You will also be able to hear news updates for our network with our SSAANN po...


$3 /mo
To commemorate the launch of our Patreon, will be doing a limited mini-series exclusive to this site. 

This will be a multi-part series dedicated to Doctor's inability to keep up wit...


Watch LIVE!

$5 /mo
Along with the thanks and shout-outs, you will have access to a private stream to watch any of our recordings live. You will get the raw, unedited experience of the podcast. Plus, whatever we talk ...

Network Expansion!

$7 /mo
If you were not aware, we can't seem to want to stay quiet. 

In the past, we have experimented with podcasts outside of the anime/manga-sphere. Now we want to use this opportunity to bring back ...


What do you want?!

$15 /mo
Is there a specific show/topic you want us to talk about? With this tier, you can actually force us to talk about nearly anything you want. We say nearly because we will still have final say as if ...

Come on the show!

$30 /mo
So not only do you want to tell us what we will talk about, you want to be on the show? Sure! You have your choice to be on any of the shows we have including, but not limited to, SSAA Podcast, Jus...

Fan Fiction?

$35 /mo
For those of you that are shy and don't feel like talking with us on the shows, we may have something else worth your liking. 

On top of everything we are offering, Foxy will write f...