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About Stacy Hoover

Want a magical tea time? Want an immersive tour of New Orleans? Want an etiquette class? Want to be transported into a world of magic and whimsy?

Stacy Hoover has built a life around spreading whimsy, finding joy, and seeking meaningful connection. Born in 1967 in the Amish country of Ohio, she attended the School of the Art Institute in Chicago to pursue her natural love of all things creative. In 1988, she moved to New Orleans with just $400 in her pocket following a dream of misty streets and iron hitching posts topped with horse heads. She later discovered that exact spot outside The Hotel Provincial. She managed to work her way from being a cocktail waitress at Port Orleans to a local business owner—running a small shop on Royal Street in the French Quarter called Hoover Watches and Jewels. Hoover Watches and Jewels shuttered its doors in 2008 when Stacy’s dear friend and mentor, Stewart Unger, asked her to carry on his legacy—a watch company named TimeWillTell— upon his departure from this world.

Stacy purchased 3405 Royal Street in 2012 and immediately felt a deep connection to the house and its history. Most days her front door is left open for the passerby to freely peek their heads in—and get whisked away on a tour of the home—as it was, as it is, and as it will be—by Stacy herself. In her words: “If you blur your eyes a bit and make a wish when you enter the house, you'll feel like you've just entered a bygone era with a beautifully slanted view of reality.”

In her 30+ years in New Orleans, Stacy has had the opportunity to share Wonderland with, and be inspired by, artists such as Anne Carson, Rikki DuCornet, Animal Collective, Anne Waldman, Amanda Palmer, Laurie Anderson and more.

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