Stephen Carder

is creating Oil paintings, Pencil sketches and Ink drawings

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About Stephen Carder


I'm Stephen, an artist from the UK who makes traditional art.

Welcome to my Patreon, which I’m using as something of an artblog. I’m currently in the habit of posting on the first of every month with updates on what I achieved in the previous month and what goals/plans I have for the upcoming month. For me personally, this has been really helpful to keep me on track and to always be thinking about the next step in what I want to make.

What kind of Art are you making?
I always find this a difficult question to answer, because I’d like to think I’m doing a variety of different things. I think the best way to explain it is that I tend towards the fantastical and surrealist in my finished pieces.
I also attend a life drawing class twice a month for practice, and I do believe it to be some of the best practice you can participate in, both for your eyes and your hands.
I am open to commissions, and these have mostly been portraits of family members or beloved pets, which can be quite fun for me.
You can find examples of my work on social media:
Instagram (staf_sketches);
Facebook (stafngrimr);
and of course my main website:

I don’t really have any serious plans to turn my artistic career in the direction of content provider for platforms like Patreon. I love the idea and seeing how other people have been using it, but it isn’t really in-line with my own goals. Hopefully if you pledge and follow my progress you’ll see that my focus is on self improvement and learning.

The main reason to create anything is because it leaves you with a sense of satisfaction and hopefully because you enjoy the process of creation as well. Whilst all this is certainly true for me, I do aspire to be able to live a life of luxury one day where I sell paintings for scandalous amounts of money and then use that money to fulfill my megalomaniacal dreams.

If you do fancy pledging and keeping an eye on my progress, then thank you very much for your support. Rest assured, when I do take over the world, your names will be remembered and your stations elevated to an appropriate degree.

Feel free to contact me on [email protected] if you have any questions at all about patreon or about commissions! If you've already pledged you can also message me via Patreon.

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I'll be amazed that people are willing to support me just to read my inner thoughts and ideas.
If we got the stage where enough people were around, I'd like to do polls and other participatory type things.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts

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