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About Stanley Jordan

I've spent my whole life collecting new paradigms and fresh ways of looking at things. My goal has never been to destroy but to build⁠—to build bridges to a more enlightened and harmonious future. The best new ideas are the ones that help us to make a quantum leap forward while still keeping the soul of our time-honored traditions.

Music is my primary passion and my deepest contribution to the world around me. I've been searching for a new distribution platform to share my music in a changing world, and I've found it—right here on Patreon.

If you join my Patreon page you'll gain access to exclusive music tracks and videos, and online events. And with your help I can do more to develop and share not only the music but also the cutting-edge ideas behind it, including new ways of approaching the guitar, and new ways of thinking about music itself.

That's where the educational content comes in. Two of the Patreon tiers include private access to my new online school called Integral Arts Academy, where I'll share the ideas behind the music, the techniques of the craft, and the creative process itself. My accelerated learning methods and the Jordan Chromatic System will be useful to musicians of all instruments.

This page gives an overview of the school.
This page tells you how to get started.
In addition to on-demand subscription content, there's also premium content, taught live by me over Zoom and paid separately from this Patreon subscription. Check the site for more info.

But wait⁠—there's more! Integral Arts Academy already contains more than just music. You can find articles and links to content covering science, philosophy, self-improvement and more. As the school develops I plan to bring in more teachers and to branch out in more and more diverse directions. My ultimate dream is to integrate all fields of knowledge through an arts-centered approach.

Novel approaches like this are an important contribution to support because the times demand it. These are confusing times indeed, because we're torn between two major epochs of human civilization and consciousness. The new ideas are here and the time to deploy them is now, but the old ideas are clinging desperately for dear life.

The best way to navigate these murky times is to see beyond the confusion and to keep our eyes on the prize—the opportunity that we have, right now, to build a beautiful and sustainable future for ourselves, our children's children, and our living planet.

The future is a gift⁠—it's ours to claim if we can just unpack it carefully. Carefully for sure, but without delay. We're already 20 years into the 21st century, and yet we're still hobbled by outdated paradigms that are so last millennium. Positive change is long overdue. Let's learn together now to finish the bridge to the 21st century. I'm excited! Are you in?

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