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You're helping me to make the stuff I've always dreamed of! Thank you very much! 

Voting Rights—Sometimes I need help deciding what to work on next, whether a character looks better in purple or red, or how an adventure should end. I'll use polls to get input, and you get to vote.
Inside Access—Anytime I create new merch, you'll get the chance to buy it before it goes on sale to the general public.
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I appreciate your generosity! Let's pull back the curtain and give you a look at what's going on in the studio.

• Voting Rights
• Inside Access

First Peek—I'll post comics and other material here so you can see them before the rest of the world. 
 Studio News—Once a month I'll put out a newsletter about what's going on here at the Stannex. 
Digital Greetings—Each year I create a holiday card for friends and family. You'll get a digital version along with my best wishes for a very happy season (no matter what holidays you do or don't celebrate).
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Thank you for going the extra mile! You're making a big difference and helping me to create more material.

• Voting Rights
• Inside Access
• First Peek
• Monthly Update
• Digital Greetings

Stannex Review—A monthly PDF collecting all the comics I created into a single, easy to consume package.
• Process Videos—I sometimes post time-lapse videos of how a drawing came together from sketch to finished piece. You'll get exclusive access to videos that I won't release to the general public.
• Holiday Card—You're on my list! In December if you've been a patron at this tier for at least three (3) months, I'll mail you one of this year's Stan! holiday cards.
5% Discount—You get a 5% discount on the purchase of merch that I create for convention sales (or just my personal amusement).




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Thanks For Dropping By!

Hi, I'm Stan! I've been working broadly in geek-friendly media for a long time—designing RPGs and board games, writing shared world fiction, localizing manga, doing narrative design for computer games—but the thing I love doing MOST is making comics!

Your support will let me spend more time drawing, The bigger this community grows, the more comics I can make! I won't lie—my goal is for it to be SO successful that I can spend ALL my time drawing. But I'll be happy to start by funding a handful of days per month where I can do nothing but draw and not feel guilty about it.

Every little bit helps a lot, and I thank you for even being interested. If you can't become a patron now, that's okay. I understand. I'd take it as a kindness, though, if you helped out by spreading the word about this group. Remember, success here means more free comics for EVERYONE.

To begin with, I'll only have a few simple patron tiers. And as interest in this Patreon grows, I'll add more tiers and bigger perks to thank the folks who are making it all possible—YOU!
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When this community reaches 100 members, I will create a new sticker design and send one to each Patron who is pledging at the $5/month or higher level.
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