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The tea that helps out on bad days, which is what you guys are doing!

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Blueberry tea is an amazing sweet herbal tea that is a real treat.

By supporting me with 5 USD you guys are giving me a sweet treat!

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A soothing tea that always brightens my day.

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Hey, I'm Moon! I'm an artist!

Hi there! First off, thank you for viewing my Patreon! It's a huge help to have people support me and my work.

This is a tip jar of sorts where you just give me a hand and support me! This helps pay for real-life costs, such as food, rent, and wifi.
🍵What is Patreon? 🍵
Patreon is where you can support your favorite content creators with rewards for helping your favorite content creators out! It's really helpful for those like me keep creating something that people enjoy.

🍵Why are there such little Rewards?🍵
I am someone who lives in a poor situation while also working and attending college. What spare time I get I use to work on my artwork. I personally don't wanna promise something grand when I can't keep that end of the bargain due to all that.

🍵What about Patreon exclusive content?🍵
While that would be nice, I rather have all my artwork and stories free for everyone to enjoy. You will get early access to adopts and sketches though!

🌠🌠What you'll find here:🌠🌠

  •   Adoptables and Species Concepts for Sale! 
  • Early previews on animations and comics.
  • More to Come as this develops more!

🌠🌠Current Projects🌠🌠

  • Short 1 page comics
  • Short animatics
  • My Senior Project
  • Worldbuilding/Concept making 

Thank you for looking at my Patreon! Let's make this Decade a good one!
$0 of $50 per month
Thank you so much for getting me this far! I'll host a special movie night for everyone to enjoy! It probably will be just a one time thing though.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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