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Hi, I'm Amy!

I'm an illustrator, colorist and designer from New York. I currently do freelance work full time, making both SFW and NSFW art for a wide spectrum of different clients and I absolutely love what I do! I'd like to use Patreon to help me out financially so I can focus on making more things. Being able to pay my bills and buy food that I can eat to live is a very good thing, and you can help me do that! Mmm, food. Mmm, bills.

Ideally, with this Patreon I can supplement my income enough that I can start working on comics and personal art, which is something I would love to do but haven't had the time to step away from commission work long enough to do so. So setting this up is a big step towards achieving that and being able to make even more art!

Any and all support is welcome and so very appreciated! If you can't afford to chip in towards this Patreon, that's totally cool. Don't worry! You can still support me by checking out my work on my Twitter and Tumblr! Thank you so much!

(I'll be working on fixing this up more as I go, so watch this space! :D)
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This small goal will help me out a ton! It'll give me peace of mind with monthly bills and allow me to focus on enjoying making sweet art for you lovelies without having to stress about getting things paid on time!
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