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Any help is super appreciated!!
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You can request a 500-word short story every month! Just send me a prompt here or on Twitter, and I'll get on it right away!
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You can request a 1000-word short story every month! It can be a one-off or two 500-word chapters. Send a prompt here or on Twitter, I got ya.




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Hey y'all, my name's Kit, and I'm a 25-year-old nonbinary fella living in Mexico. You might've seen me on the Fediverse, or maybe on Twitter as starbornkit. Before it went into indefinite hiatus, I ran a little anime blog called Anime Chitchat, where I'd post weekly-ish episode reviews and seasonal previews.

Nowadays, though I took a break for a good long while, I've been spending my time working on my writing. If you become a Patron, you'll be supporting my efforts to keep it going! I'm unemployed, so any support would go a long way for me. Even $1 pledges help way more than you think!

The good stuff, though, comes in at higher tiers, 'cause I can write stuff for you!! I have particular experience with drama, comedy and romance and mainly stick to furry stuff, but I can totes work outside of those things (and if you're interested in 18+ work, I can absolutely do that too)!

So yeah, your patronage would be super appreciated, but I'd also super appreciate it if you spread the word and shared my works whenever you get the chance! I've gained a healthy number of followers recently, but having more voices out there would lead to more chances to write cute stories, which would be pretty nice. Thanks for reading this!
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Hitting this goal will give me a proper cushion for emergencies...! Also, I'll write a 2500-word story (and start a poll to see what it'll be about)!
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