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  • Just a little something if you'd like to support me! Much appreciated, you rock! ^-^
  • You will have access to any cosplans, progress pics, or texts posts I make here! 
  • Access to prints / polaroids / photobooks and other merch before I announce it to the public!
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  • A monthly cosplay fansign! I'll hold a little piece of paper with your name on it in a cosplay selfie! 
  • Fansign costume is determined by whatever I happen to be wearing or shooting that month! It may be unrelated to the postcard theme! 
  • Also has access to text posts, cosplans, progress pics, as well as prints / polaroids / photobooks and other merch announcements before I announce it to the public! 
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  • A signed cosplay 4x6 postcard that will not be available in my store to the public for a few months! 
  • Access to a full gallery of a cosplay that I will upload here monthly.
  • Also gets fansigns and posts from the previous tier!
  • Every month, a few patrons will be randomly selected to get extra cards! 
  • US and International! 




Hi guys! I'm Megan, a cosplayer, fashion model, artist, and Masters in Biology from Florida! Thank you so much for taking the time out to check out my Patreon! I hope I can create something you guys are interested in! 

Thank you so much for choosing to support me and my hobbies! 


Patreon billing / shipping / reward info:

✿ As a Patron, you will be billed when you join, and after that you will be billed at the start of every month! 
  • My Patreon charges you upfront for the current month's content, and then it charges you the 1st of every month after you sign up. 
  • Exisiting Patrons are charged the first of every month! (It can take up to the 5th to process)
  • New Patrons are charged upon joining  for the current month and then at the start of the following month!
✿ When do I get my postcards?
  • I start signing and packing within the first week! Cards should be sent out shortly after all payments are processed! I do work full time besides cosplay so shipping may vary by a couple days each month.
  • New Patrons - depends on when you join! joining in the begining or middle of the month means I should get you them within a week. Joining at the end means I will include them in the next month's package if you choose to stick around! 
✿ Fansigns will be uploaded to private gallery on Imgur or another photo sharing website. I will provide the link every month! 
  • Fansign costumes may be unrelated to the postcard theme costume of the month!
  • Fansigns will be posted at the start of every month for existing patrons and at the end of every month for new patrons! 
✿ Gallery of the month info:
  • Not exclusive! Just themed! Its a post made every other day consisting of a photo of a certain costume/character/series. 
✿ Patrons who pledge at any tier will get the rewards of the tiers before it as well!
  • if you pledge the $10 tier, you will get the access to text posts, a patreon feed of a gallery, a monthly fansign, as well as the print! 

I try to write it out so no one gets mad or feels like they didn't get "what they wanted!" 
Old Patreon postcards will be available in my shop a few months after they are given (I need to get rid of the old ones! I buy in intervals of 50 so I have leftovers ;o; ). They will NOT be reordered as postcards for the shop, though! Whatever is left is all there is! Patrons get first dibbs! :D
NO exclusive photosets. Any photo posted here will eventually be posted on social media. 

This is where you can get postcards, polaroids, posters, and photobooks! These come signed!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 724 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 724 exclusive posts

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