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STARCALLED is an original science fiction, action-adventure audio drama following the dangerous lives of Lieutenant Saranus Kron and Dr. Elona Zoren, two young officers in the 443rd Colonial Fleet Infantry.

Set six years after a devastating interstellar war, STARCALLED explores a universe teeming with hostile life under the suffocating rule of the Colony, a sprawling civilization of space-faring insectoids. Deployed deep into the unregulated sectors of the galactic frontier, Kron and Zoren soon find themselves facing deadly enemies, making unlikely allies, and unraveling a colonial conspiracy under the ever looming specter of war.

As an audio fiction podcast, STARCALLED features a full cast, an original cinematic score, and rich, immersive sound design. Inspired by alien vibrancy of Farscape, the epic adventure of Star Wars, the gritty menace of Game of Thrones, and the lush symphonic stylings of John Williams and Danny Elfman, STARCALLED is designed to provide a thrilling, dramatic, and genuine audio experience.

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At every stage of the process, STARCALLED has been a project built by passion and breathed into life by love -- of the world, of the story and characters, and of the art of sound. Our team is committed to delivering high quality, high octane original content to you, but producing a podcast tends to cost a lot of time, money, and a lot of long sleepless nights.

Every dollar donated goes directly toward supporting the show -- paying the actors and crew for their generous time and effort, offsetting hosting and website costs, and getting you some cool rewards in return.

If you enjoy STARCALLED and you've decided to contribute -- thank you and welcome to the crew. Your support is incredibly important to us and your encouragement keeps us going when things get hard!

Until the next transmission,

Please note: STARCALLED is intended for a mature audience. It contains action sequences, sci-fi violence, and sci-fi curse words. Listener discretion is advised.
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