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My name is Tim, and I've been creating comics online for the past seventeen years at my website, Ctrl+Alt+Del. One of the series I've created is The Starcaster Chronicles, an ongoing sci-fi adventure where readers get to vote to determine the paths chosen, similar to classic Choose Your Own Adventure books! We're currently on issue #7, and all past issues are available to read at!

I'm bringing The Starcaster Chronicles to Patreon now because it's a series that I love to write, and I want to be able to create more of it, and on a more regular basis. I'd also like to do a lot more Starcaster without necessarily taking away time from the other series I do at Ctrl+Alt+Del.

However as it's also one of the more complex and detailed comic series I create, so in order for me to be able to do that, I need to bring in help.

This Patreon will be used solely to fund an inker and a colorist to work on The Starcaster Chronicles with me. As I will continue to do the pencils, at its foundation the artwork will still be mine, and still have that continuity with prior issues. Bringing in an inker and a colorist frees me up to focus more on the lineart itself and produce more pages.

I will produce 2 pages per month, regardless of how much support this Patreon gets. Ideally, I'd like to hit a break-even point on those two pages. If we get more support than that, our goals are set up so that every time we pass a threshold where I can pay the inker and colorist for an additional page, then another page will get added to everyone's monthly pledge. The more people we have supporting us, the more pages you get for your pledge.

All of the proceeds from this Patreon are going towards inking and coloring fees; I am not taking any compensation for myself. My goal is to get as much Starcaster created and regularly as possible. That's not to say that I don't hope to make some money from my work, but I'm content to wait and see if I can do that on the back end (either from books sales down the line, or maybe some advertising income when I put completed issues on the website).

As a Patron, you will be the first to receive new pages of The Starcaster Chronicles, at a minimum of two per month, and have exclusive access to cast your vote for any and all choices to decide the outcome of our story! While the completed issues will still be posted to Ctrl+Alt+Del sometime after they are complete, only Patrons will have the power to vote in realtime to influence how the story proceeds.

Patrons will also have access to any concept art or behind-the-scenes material, as well as a Patron-only Starcaster Chronicles Discord channel to chat with me and other Patrons about the story.

$440 - reached! per month
If we reach this goal, we will release four Starcaster pages each month instead of three!
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