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About Joelle Blot

Hello, my name is Joelle, and I'm working on a comic called Shadow Puppets. Here's the synopsis:

With the aid of a shadowy being, one small section of the Sicilian Mafia has secured the city of Palermo as their untouchable stronghold. But perhaps the Mafia is as much a prisoner of the monster as the city is a prisoner to them.

You can read it for free on Webtoon:

This is very much a passion project, and it will continue whether or not I make any money from it, but it'd be nice to make a couple extra bucks. I don't wanna work at a pawn shop my whole life!

This comic will contain some darker themes that may be upsetting to some people, so please proceed with caution as you read.

I draw some other things,  either fanart or concepts for other stories in my head. Other comic projects may arise later if this whole patreon thing works out.
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