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You got an artist's work you like? A certain style you enjoy seeing? Want to see more of it? Why not help them out? Give a little, you get a little in return. Not a bad policy all around.

Making steady work is hard enough for any artist, all the more so when you suffer from mental health and depression. Outside support is really appreciated as a result.

While doing stand alone illustrations I'm also working on trying to get my own manga series drawn here and there when I can. Though admittedly I have way too many projects as is :P Anyway, doing it all alone, the writing, penciling, inking, toning, it takes alot of hard work. So funds are very useful to keep the flow going, and more so, quicker, if I can afford to pay inkers for assistance. Aswell as allow me more time to work personally on these various projects.

Any donations you could spare would make a world of difference.

All art here is for non commercial non lucrative fun. No copyright infrigement intended, such material belongs to there respective owners.
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I'm really using outside help more these days. Its a lot less stressful that way, especially when you can find reliable sources. I have found some dependable inkers and such who get the work done and are friendly to work with.

I cant keep doing it on my own nor do I want to. These days I pay for someone to write scripts for me too. On average that costs roughly 100 dollars (it depends on the length). The more ya can give the more I can do including materials, many hands make light work.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 386 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 386 exclusive posts

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