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The Stargazer astrology forecast emphasizes evolutionary and psychological astrology. My goal is to help you actively use astrological phenomena to map out productive strategies for your life based on a linear cycle approach to lifestyle management, with a strong emphasis placed on the Lunar Nodes. Stargazer horoscopes offer clear directives as to how to best utilize current and ongoing energies, and always suggest the learning potential that lies within so called challenging alinements. While living in the moment, astrology can offer a vantage point from which to appreciate how choices made in the past influence the current conditions being experienced. My practice is informed by over 25 years of research and my approach comes from a narrative perspective towards aspect delineation, placing events in an ongoing storyline rather than the stand alone readings that are more commonly utilized in mundane astrology columns.    

Through the conscientious use of this awareness, it becomes possible to appreciate how the choices made in the present can lead to desired outcomes, and design your future using astrology to guide both insightful decision making and appropriately timed actions. Your life requires your participation to manifest it's greatest potential. No singular astrological aspect will propel you to success or be the cause of your downfall unless you have collaborated to create that result. Astrology can provide a map to that destiny, but your heart and intuition are the compass. You can't reach your destination until you trust yourself first and foremost. 

The STARGAZER astrology blog has appeared internationally in online magazines and through my personal blog for over 13 years. Some of my long term readers may even remember the original incarnation on MySpace way back when. You can check out the current archives here on my WordPress blog. If you enjoy the work, please become a member and subscribe! More personalized services tailored to your chart are also available for those who want them. Contact: [email protected] Thank You :) ~STARGAZER
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Stargazer Website
New website featuring expanded and updated versions for aspect readings, including a full length breakdown of all planet to planet interactions as well as planets to Nodes and Angles (Ascendant, IC, DC, MC). Readings for planets and Nodes through all 12 signs will also be included. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 188 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 188 exclusive posts

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