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What is Stargazer's World
Stargazer's World is a pen & paper roleplaying games blog which I started in 2008. In the years since I first set it up we have released more than 1800 blog posts including reviews, interviews with industry insiders, GM and player advice, and more. I have also released a number of free roleplaying games over the years including the popular Warrior, Rogue & Mage. To learn more about the games I had a hand in creating check out the Stargazer Games site or my RPGGeek designer profile!

Who are we?
The bulk of the posts have always been written by me, Michael Wolf. During the last years friends and fellow RPG fans have joined me and written posts for the blog as well. At times several writers have contributed to the blog on a daily basis, nowadays things are a bit slower, but that doesn't mean that you don't get quality content on a semi-regular basis.

Why Patreon?
I don't like ads and I have never accepted paid posts. I make some use of affiliate links but most of the costs of hosting, buying games for review purposes, etc. is paid out of my own pocket. This has worked fine for years, and it probably will do so in the future, but I wanted to provide my fans and readers with an opportunity to support us if they so decide. Every bit helps and it might allows us to bring you even better stuff in the future!

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