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  • Artwork + Notes!

This includes sketches, process work, thumbnails, and other artwork, along with notes and writings about Star Impact and it's origin. Very fun stuff!

  • Monthly Q&A!

Every month I'll select a number of questions asked by Patrons to answer. These questions can be about the characters or world of Star Impact, my process in making art, or even what my favorite food is!

  • Monthly Wallpaper!

Every month I'll draw a cool hi-res wallpaper! It'll probably be Star Impact related but who knows?!

  • Early Page Releases!

If I finish pages ahead of schedule they'll go up early for Patrons! 

  • Sketch Requests!

Every month I'll ask for sketch requests and do a sketch page based on the requests made! (Might not be able to do every one but will try!)




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Hi! My name is Jack Kaiser McGee and I'm the writer and artist of Star Impact, a webcomic about self worth, expectations, and most importantly, super powered boxing matches!

Star Impact
follows Aster, a spunky young girl who enters the world of super powered boxing with the gloves of her idol, a legendary boxer who disappeared ten years ago. She attempts to rise the ranks as she meets friends, makes enemies, and tries to uncover the mystery of her missing hero. This is a project I'm incredibly passionate about with characters I love dearly. I'm excited to create it for years to come, and by becoming a patron, you can help me on that journey! 

By supporting me on Patreon you're helping me put more time and effort into my comic as well as other future projects! I'm a human who needs to (sadly) eat food, pay rent, and fend off loans. By helping me, I can focus a bit less on such terrible things, and more on my not as terrible comic! I would love to eventually work on art full time if possible and every bit helps me get there! 

You'll also get some cool rewards by helping me! Check out the reward tiers on the right and see if anything tickles your fancy! I hope you'll consider supporting Star Impact! Thanks for reading! 

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If this goal is met I'll increase the rate of page's per week from 2 to 3! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 87 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 87 exclusive posts

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