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is creating YouTube videos on topics like psychology & personal development.
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Help put clothes on my back, and more bandwidth on my internet connection. Every tip in the hat helps free up my time to create more videos, and to update and improve my rig, tech, and internet to that I can improve the quality of all content!  All tips of $1 or more get my eternal gratitude.

(Benefits will be added in the future if/when the channel grows).




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About Stark Talks

Think of it like this. I'm like the guy you see on that familiar corner in the city every Saturday with his guitar. You stop and watch him play most days you see him. You stop because, for whatever reason, you like to watch him play. Then, you see his hat on the street, coins scattered within it, and you think, 'hey, why not give the guy something?' So, you throw in whatever works for you. One, maybe two quid. Whatever. It's a tip. And you feel OK about that, because you're helping the guy be creative, and you like to stop at the corner regularly, just to watch him play.
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Upgrade my internet to something not turtle speed. 
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