starknight is creating Love x Love Sound

A Little Love Tier

$1 /mo
- Your support for Love x Love Sound is appreciated!
- Your name (or alias) added in a "Thank You" section at the end of each episode (please message me with your name)

Love Tier

$3 /mo
Thanks for your support! You'll get to see sketches for the comic.



- Access to the Patron-only sketches feed (possible spoilers!)

- Patreon-only full art pieces teased on the comic

Lovely Tier

$5 /mo
- Everything from the $1 and $3 Tier
- Preview images of the next chapter before it's released

Love x Love Tier

$10 /mo
Your extra love is appreciated!


- Access to future comics as soon as they're available as a PDF (available on Google Drive)

- Previous tier rewards

$15 Love Tier

$15 /mo
You will have access to side stories that are ONLY available to Patreon donators.

- Access to Patreon-exclusive stories

- Previous tier rewards 

$25 Love Tier

$25 /mo
Love x Love Sound was rebooted in December 2017. The first edition contains over 60 comics. You'll have access to all of the past comics if you want a sneak peek in what *may* happen in the future ...