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I'm starting with one tier, since I've never done this before. It's a simple but solid tier, the foundation for everything we'll build. 

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  • Early access to the episode. It will eventually be available to the public but you’ll get it early enough to be able to lord it over your casual acquaintances. Or over your closest friends and loved ones. Who am I to say what that dynamic is.

  • Access to locked updates. As I figure out the shape of this, I’ll be giving you guys reports about my progress, in written and audio form. You may also get some unsolved Mystery Show cases from the vault.



About Starlee Kine

Hi. It’s been a long time since we talked. Much longer than I intended it to be. The strange part about being a disembodied voice is that it creates the illusion of time never passing, like in a cartoon. When Bart and Lisa were first born, at the ages of eight and ten years old, they were my peers.

I used to have a podcast called Mystery Show. The last time you heard from me, I was saying this:

The day I recorded that, I paced around the office for hours, putting it off. I didn’t want to say goodbye. I worried that if I stopped talking to you, my voice wouldn’t know where to go. Which did happen. It feels alien to pick up a microphone now, whereas it once felt like an extension of my arm.

I started off making radio and then I made podcasts. Podcasts felt the same as making radio but apparently they were different. There were to be ads in the middle of stories now. There were to be walls. Some stories were worth millions of dollars and some stories were worth zero dollars but what determined either of those amounts no one could quite explain.

Everything I said in that goodbye message I meant but the only thing that played out as planned was that I have missed you. I’ve missed making a podcast. I’ve missed spending my time making a podcast instead of figuring out how I would make it or who I would make it with. I've missed being a voice.

I would like to try an experiment. One episode. Hopefully that will be followed by more but I want to start there or otherwise I never will. What this episode will contain is still a mystery to be solved but I promise to pour my whole being into whatever form it ends up taking. 

I couldn't have gotten here without you guys. I'm already so grateful. If you’d like to be a part of what I do next, subscribe.


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