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About Esther Banks

My name is Esther Banks I am a Creative based in San Diego, CA. I make books and things.

I am transitioning into some weird new phase of life called “middle age” soon and I thought I might need to get “myself together” as they say. I have held a dream of owning my own business for a while and it has terrified me. Especially the marketing part. I am not seeing a method that works with my personality. I do not have money for all the things! and some other nervous insecurities.

What is this business?!
Well, I am a content creator. My business is to distribute my content.
Let’s do this another way. My job is to help you solve problems by providing creative training.

I do this through online classes, project kits, real life workshops and retreats.
Oh and books, I write books. There might be some other merch involved too.

I mean, this is the plan. I have logistical things to sort out and a messed up website to fix before any of this can go live. If you are into crowd quirky projects consider joining my Patreon for a year.

Yes, Patreon is an open ended commitment. I am sensitive to peoples need to be financially responsible. I suggest that you commit to a year of funding at a level of your choosing. Then when the time has passed reassess if you want to continue.

This Year's Projects

Regrouping from the aftermath of the 2020 weirdness. LOL!

I'm writing a lot.

The Patreon Platform

Patreon is a way to crowd source patronage. Like how artist got paid in the Renaissance, fancy. Instead of me finding a bazillionare or corporation to sponsor me I am asking y'all to combine your powers to be my Patron. If you need all the information about Patreon google it or poke around on this site for their explanation of themselves.

How I thank you

Currently I only have one tier level. As we grow this will change. 


Though I struggle to post regularly I am stupid transparent with what I'm working on and where and how I spend the money. IT ALL GOES TO THE ART THINGS. Well sometimes I buy a boba tea... If you are ever curious about this sort of thing ask me about it I won't bite you.

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