Star Power is creating Webcomics

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You get to feel good knowing you've helped contribute to the continued making of awesome, Star Powered comics!

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You get to feel good, and get access to the Patreon-only feed including concept work and in-progress pencils/inks of the comic!

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You get to feel awesome, get access to the feed, and get .PDF downloads of all the latest Star Power pages before they're posted!

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All of the previously mentioned rewards, and you get access to the SCRIPT of the current Issue!  You'll know what's coming long before anyone else does!  This is the ultimate behind-the-scenes peek...

$20 /mo
All of the previously mentioned rewards, plus a monthly SFW pinup of a cast member!  These will be black-and-white images, similar to the commissions Garth accepts at conventions!  There will also ...