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Hi there I'm a Bahamian born and raised artist who loves nerdy stuff but I especially love to draw.
This patreon is basically a fast track if you wanna support me and get commissions consistently. This funds me being able to produce more content and survive in the Bahamas where everything is expensive because I live on a tiny island


Access to Discord
Access to the Patreon discord where we chat about a bunch of stuff along with where I post the sketches as I do em and you get a bunch of WIPS and the such
Early Access to Sketches & Comic Pages
I'll post both on this page and in the discord sketches and stuff I'm working on (other than NDA projects) before anywhere else as well as some that will be patreon exclusives)
Monthly Pin Up Suggestion & Vote
We'll still be doing the monthly pin up suggestion and votes!! No major changes here cept for a few tiny rules I'll be adding.
Access to NSFW Sketches
You get early access to some of the lewdies I draw. Mostly my OCs with my partner's OCs but we might get some fanart up in here

YDont worry it'll be a tidy sketch! (examples Coming SOON)

Hips Up 

NSFW Drawing 
You'll have to join to actually see samples of the nsfw art 
You'll get a simple NSFW drawing of any 18+ Character of your choice. RULES- It can be a fandom character but no real people (i'll draw Tony Stark but not 'Robert Downer Jr. specific Tony Stark) and I will also draw OCs but if the OC doesnt belong to you I require a receipt of permission for you to have the person's OC drawn in a nsfw context.

Full Illustration

You get a full 8x10" 300 dpi illustration of any character of your choice. Please note I will need image references of the character. You're pretty much guaranteed to get practice sketches of the character as well as being sent 800x1000px res sketch options for the posing to choose from. (so basically you're getting a bunch of doodles, 2-4 illustration sketches and the final illustration)
You can trade the full illustration for other combinations that we can mull over and this includes nsfw sketches.

66% complete
Weekly Patreon Doodle Streams. 
I'll stream every week and do doodles from a suggestion list from patreons. There is no guarantee that I will be able to do all suggestions and these will be DOODLES!! I might get out of hand with a couple but all that will be promised is a readable sketch
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